Our success lay in creating an ethos for all to coexist and nurture each other in tandem. The new sports program Fitness 365 brought in new visibility to all our budding sports persons. We pulsated with energy and worked with zeal to imbibe all that was happening around us. The school continued to engage students in a variety of themes ranging from culture to politics for the ISA awards this year. The canvas was wide enough to encompass all and ingrain the staff and students with a feeling of learning together.
It is our responsibility towards the students to help them grow and excel in their own areas of expertise. New experiences and myriad happenings during the first International visit to NASA and the overnight out station trips have helped the students grow into self-assured confident young adults.
Our school prides itself on riveting our focus on values. These are firmly entrenched in our system and are reinforced through our actions.