The Army Public school. Shankar Vihar is a school that is committed to educate students to live a life marked by vibrant national faith, act with kindness, compassion and justice and to serve with wisdom and integrity .

We teach to inspire so as to build an inclusive community that can learn purposefully ,think critically and lead to make a difference.

We are a co-educational school located in the Delhi, India that serves approximately 3000 students from the 1st through the 12th grade who come from culturally rich diverse backgrounds. 

Positive interpersonal relationships and mutual respect are actively sought and nurtured, commonly practiced and broadly recognized. 

The School is committed to creating an enriching educational environment that promotes student achievement and success in helping them to grow into healthy, happy and holistic global citizens of the world, by addressing individual student needs, integrating technology, promoting safe living habits, and encouraging parent-community participation as well as mainly incorporating global dimension in the existing framework of the school curriculum. 

In order to inculcate life skills beyond the classroom, the students are encouraged to nurture group dynamics by interactions at various levels.


The school has a mission to provide a congenial atmosphere to students, enabling them to excel in every field in life, thus helping them grow. 

Army Public School Shankar Vihar is committed to the multi-faceted growth and empowering the students, by offering them not merely the inputs that are necessary for excellent performance in the national level examinations, but also quality education designed to enhance maturity, breadth of vision, and versatility of personality. 

The School is working to evolve and grow as a Centre of educational excellence, making the students academically superior, ethically sensitive, and socially and culturally active – all of which together would improve the quality of human life for those who interact with them at various stages.