1. Two out passes and one medical pass will be allotted to each classroom, if need be required for the child to move out of the class for any important work he must carry the pass along with him. Necessary action will be taken if a student is found outside the class without a pass. 
  2. Parents are required to cooperate with the school in developing their children into progressive, balanced, morally strong and effective youth, by helping them to observe the general code of conduct in and outside the school. 
  3. Misbehaviour in the school is dealt with by the Discipline Committee of the School. 
  4. Students who habitually keep indulging in misbehavior despite repeated warnings by the school teachers will be recommended to the Discipline Committee for action.
  5. Late arrival in School 
  6. The school gate will close 10 minutes after the 1st bell rings. 
  7. Three late arrivals consequently would lead to the student being sent back home. 
  8. Children arriving after 0740 hrs will be marked absent. 


In order to include good habits in our students, the neatest class competition has been initiated. They will be judged on a continuous basis. The Best Section will be suitably rewarded.


A student will be eligible for Final exams only if he / she has at least 75% attendance to his/her credit during the academic session.


Students are expected to be neatly dressed in the prescribed uniform.

Students are liable to be punished for being in improper uniform such as incorrect shoes, trousers, shirts, socks, cardigans, turbans, ties etc. other than the colour and prescribed design of the school. Parents are advised to buy a minimum of two sets of uniform. A fine of ₹ 10 will be charged as fine for each default.



Make up

Long Hair

Nail Varnish/Long nails

Being without a vest under the shirt

Danglers or earrings (except simple ear-rings rings ¼ cm in diameter


Untied and loose hair, if shoulder length or more

Fancy/goatee beards 

Skirts above the knees 

Gelled/ coloured/ streaked hair

Coloured hair bands 

Accessories on wrists, fingers and neck

Coloured /streaked hair 



Accessories on wrist, fingers and neck.


Punishment will be administered only with a view to correct defiant behaviour of the student . The disciplinary measures which may be adopted are :

  1. Detention during break (all students) 
  2. (i) Suspension (ii) Rustication   (iii) Expulsion (for students who have attained 14years of age)
  3.   Disciplinary action will be taken after Parents /Guardians have been given    sufficient opportunity to show cause against the proposed action .
  4.   Disciplinary measures are as per the school Rules and those sanctioned by the Directorate of Education, Delhi.
  5. The discretion of the principal is exclusive and final 


The Principal may recommend expulsion of a student from the school, if the student’s behaviour or influence on others, in the opinion of the Principal, is detrimental to the general discipline or interest of the school.

The following are the conditions for withdrawal :

  1. A student who fails in a class for two successive years or fails twice in three years. 
  2. Any student caught cheating or using unfair means during an examination will not only be given a zero in the subject concerned but an incident of this nature may lead to his / her expulsion. 
  3. In case a student stops attending school without any information to the school authorities, his / her name will be struck off the school rolls 20 days after he / she stops attending school. 
  4. Any student found bullying or ragging within the school premises may lead to his /her expulsion. 


  1. The name of a student may be struck off the Rolls by the Principal on account of non-payment of fees and other dues 30 days after the last day for payment. Parents will be given a reasonable opportunity to show cause against the proposed action. 
  2. Continued absence without permission for six consecutive days by a student who has attained the age of 14 years. 
  3. Continued absence without permission for six consecutive days by a student who has not attained the age of 14 years. The school shall intimate the parents / guardians of such absence.