In order to cultivate group dynamics and a spirit of healthy competition, interhouse activities and competitions are organized. Students of each class are divided into four houses as under :


Ashoka Red T-Shirt White Shorts/Skirts/Trousers
Buddha Yellow T-Shirt White Shorts/Skirts/Trousers
Chanakya Green T-Shirt White Shorts/Skirts/Trousers
Dronacharya Blue T-Shirt White Shorts/Skirts/Trousers

Each house is headed by one boy and one girl known as House Captain. A member of staff assisted by several other teachers act as house mistress. Points are awarded to students throughout the year for co-curricular activities, games and sports. At the end of year the house gaining the highest number of points is declared winner. It is mandatory for all students to participate in the house activities. House meetings are held at regular intervals to give the children an opportunity to plan for the next inter house competition. Inter house competitions are organized in sports, dramatics, debates, quiz, art, music etc.

Badge holders of House on duty should wear the house colour caps/sashes during their weekly duty.